Starting Teams, Season 37
Nick’s Team:
Joe, WARDOG, Julia
Andy’s Team:
Chris, Rick, Wentworth
Brian’s Team:
Gavin, David, Aurora
Previous Winners
Season 30: Nick
Season 31: Andy
Season 32: Andy
Season 33: Nick
Season 34: Brian
Season 35: Brian & Andy
Season 36: Andy
Season 37: Andy

The Rules
In our first episode just before each season, our hosts do a blind fantasy draft. Using only the intel on the contestants available on the website, they’ll pick their favorites for the ultimate winner of the show. The rules of the game are relatively simple: get points when your survivor does well, and try to pick players who will go deep into the game. When your survivor gets voted out, they’ll stop gaining you points. Each host will “draft” three survivors before the premiere of the season. Whenever a survivor leaves the show, either through medevac or getting voted out, the host can pick a new survivor to take their place (but they’ll lose out on survival points!). Hosts can also swap one of their survivors for a survivor that isn’t a part of any host’s team once per week.

Points Awarded When Your Player

  • Says Episode Title: 1 point
  • Wins Tribal Reward Challenge: 1 point
  • Wins Tribal Immunity Challenge: 1 point
  • Wins Individual Reward Challenge: 2 points
  • Wins Individual Immunity Challenge: 2 points
  • Survives Going to Pre-Merge Tribal Council: 3 points
  • Survives Going to Post-Merge Tribal Council: 1 point
  • Receives a vote during tribal council but isn’t voted out: 1 point per vote
  • Finds Hidden Immunity/Advantage or Secures Non-Challenge Immunity/Advantage: 2 points
  • Has Immunity/Advantage Played for Him/Her: 1 point
  • Sole Survivor: 6 point
  • FTC Votes: 1 point per winner vote during Finale

S38’s Bets
The Deadpool – Each host chooses a player. First player listed to get voted out awards 3 points. Last player voted out penalizes 2 points.

  • Andy: Reem
  • Nick: WARDOG
  • Brian: Ron

Million Dollar Deadpool – Each host chooses a player. First player to say a variation of the words “Million Dollar Mistake” awards 3 points.

  • Andy: Lauren
  • Nick: Aurora
  • Brian: Rick

Not Here to Make Friends Deadpool – Each host chooses a player. First player to say a variation of the words “Not Here to Make Friends” awards 3 points.

  • Andy: WARDOG
  • Nick: Victoria
  • Brian: Reem

Drop Your Buffs – Each host chooses an episode number. If Jeff says a variation of the phrase “drop your buffs” during that week, the host gets 3 points.

  • Andy: 3
  • Nick: 4
  • Brian: 5

Pick-a-Winner – Each host chooses a player. If that player wins the game, the host gets 3 points.

  • Andy: Aurora
  • Nick: Aubry
  • Brian: Victoria

Most Successful Returnee – Each host chooses a returning player. The last returning player to get voted out awards the host 3 points.

  • Andy: Aubry
  • Nick: Wentworth
  • Brian: Joe