Hi. I’m Andy. I’m a comic book, technology, sci-fi, and gaming enthusiast who drinks lots of tea, wine, and scotch. I’m luck enough to be married to a wonderful woman. I’ve also got great friends who help me launch new projects online all the time. My favorite project is the Welcome to Comics, a weekly podcast about “classic” comic books. My newest project, Outwit Outplay Outcast, is a collaborative show with the Night of the Living Geeks podcast network.

My day job at the Student Union, Inc. of San Jose State University as a marketing supervisor enables me to work with young people who keep me energized and innervated. With my team of graphic designers, my department produces just about everything for our company: concert posters, annual reports, Facebook pages, brochures, web sites, facility signage… and the list goes on. What I love most about my job is working with young people and building them up.

Aside from being a springboard for ideas, my website hosts occasional articles on topics I’m thinking about. It’s not terribly regular, and I have a habit of taking down old content that I no longer find relevant or am working on revising. That’s the problem with writers: without a deadline, we can revise forever and keep trying to make everything (more) perfect. Below, you can find some links to my social media “presence” (whatever that really is), as well as my resume.

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