NWHL Team Stuff

I’m a big fan of the NWHL. At this point, it’s easy to be a fan of pretty much the whole league. The Whale are a team of winner led by an awesome defense. The Riveters are pulling together as a team to get their victories. The Beauts the love of their fans. It’s even hard to not like Hilary Knight and the Pride, who come from the worst sports city in the country. I’ve tried using pictures from various websites as wallpapers and as phone wallpapers, but there’s not really many that are good on their own. So, I’ve made some. I’ve got some ideas for more in mind, but for right now I’ve made these. I didn’t take any of the photos and I’m not officially anything from the NWHL. I just love the sport and I’m really enjoying this amazing new league. And yes, I know I like gradients way too much.

Desktop Wallpapers (1920×1080): For these, I used each team’s home ice as the background.

Riveters_WP Whale_WP
Pride_WP Beauts_WP


 Phone Wallpapers (1080×1920): Vertical wallpapers for your phone, these have each team’s captain highlighted.

Beauts_PWP Pride_PWP
Riveters_PWP Whale_PWP